At Desco, we shotblast a lot of floors. But what is shotblasting? Shotblasting is where you clean and abrade the surface of the floor in a contained way to ensure that your coatings will properly bond with the substrate. Shotblasting impacts the floor with steel shot, similar to bb’s from a shotgun, at a high rate of speed. The machine then removes the dust from the steel shot before reusing the steel shot to continue cleaning the floor. The whole process is nearly dust free, especially when compared to sandblasting.

The image below shows the process in a high traffic area in a parkade. The existing coatings had been damaged by years of wear and tear and needed to be recoated. More information on this project can be seen here on our website

And since we recycle the steel shot, it is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning the floor. With shotblasting, you’re able to provide a range of concrete surface profiles, from CSP 3-5. At Desco, we shotblast most of the floors we coat, whether we’re using an epoxy, a polyurethane, a polyaspartic, or even in combination with another surface preparation method. For instance, if we are scarifying a floor to provide a very aggressive concrete surface profile, such as a CSP 8, we will first scarfiy the floor and then shotblast. Shotblasting after you scarify helps to remove additional dust and surface contaminants, providing an even better bond between the substrate and your coating or topping.

More information on our surface preparation can be found here . Or,contact us here to find a solution for you or if you’d like us to have a look at your project.