“I’m not happy with the floor that was just installed.” These words can make a contractors heart skip a beat. There is nothing worse than an unsatisfied client asking you to come have a second look at a floor. Unless you didn’t install that floor; your competition did. It seems that every week we receive more and more calls about clients who have paid for a contractor to supply and install a floor and they’re unhappy with the result. That’s not to say that the contractor did a bad job. More often than not, the client just didn’t know what they were getting for the price they were paying. The coating and topping may peel off the floor because the concrete wasn’t sufficiently profiled and cleaned. The floor may be too rough and difficult to clean for the client. Or the opposite: it’s too smooth. But really, it comes down to someone not being happy with the work that was done.

So people call us. They ask us to come and have a look at their floor, to see if there’s anything we can do to fix things. To see if we can tell them what went wrong. And we get them what they want: a solution to their problem. Again, this is not to say that our competition does terrible work. The client just may not understand fully what they’re paying for. What may seem like a great deal initially may in turn be a deal that ignores some important aspects of the job. The client ends up with a floor, not a solution to their problem. And providing a solution to your problem is the most important thing. We like difficult problems. We want to know how we can help you to create the solution.

If you want us to come have a look at a floor that needs a solution, or just to avoid unnecessary headaches, contact us. We have been providing flooring solutions since 1956.