Time and time again, we stress that the most important part of any job is the prep. Even the best products by the best manufacturers applied by the best applicators will not live up to our standards if the floor is prepared poorly. There’s nothing worse than investing a large amount of money in a floor, only to have it peel off a month later. We don’t want to chance that on your floor. Having a floor fail is expensive, unnecessary, and embarrassing. That’s why we only use the best equipment to provide you with the best possible floor. What’s our secret weapon? Pulse Bac Vacuums. These vacuums are not your average shop vacuums. They have a pulsing system that knocks the dust off the filters, maintaining an extremely high level of suction. These vacuums can run without the need to stop and clean the filters.

What does this mean to you though? The high level of suction means there’s less dust in the air, keeping things nice and clean. The pulse-cleaning means we can get the job done faster since we don’t need to stop and clean the filters every few minutes. And most importantly, it means that there’s no dust left on the floor when we go to apply our product, preventing any kind of bond break. The coating is able to penetrate deep into the concrete since there is no dust sitting on the floor.

We don’t take chances when it comes to your floor: we use the best so you get the best.