Waterproofing - Desco


While concrete may seem invincible, it needs protection from a variety of elements, such as traffic, harsh weather, and micro-cracking. If your concrete is not protected properly, it will crumble and fall to dust.


In order to prevent your concrete structure from crumbling under the pressure, Desco provides a variety of traffic deck coatings to preserve your concrete. We can solve problems in both interior and exterior structures, including accommodating for harsh UV rays when necessary.

  • Increase the lifespan of the concrete structure
  • Provided in a variety of textures to ensure traction on even the steepest of ramps
  • Reduces the need for concrete restoration in the future


As concrete and other surfaces are exposed to water and chemicals, they fall apart. By installing a membrane you are ensuring the longevity of your project. From tank liners to floors, Desco has a solution for you. And thanks to our in-depth safety program, we’re certified to enter into some of the most challenging environments, including confined spaces, to get your project done safely.

  • Resists chemical corrosion, including attacks from harsh acids
  • Reduces the permeability of a surface
  • Can be applied by roller, sprayer, or trowel, depending on the project


As concrete expands and contracts throughout the seasons, expansion joints are required to prevent the structure from tearing itself apart. Desco has installed expansion joints throughout Western Canada, from bridge decks, to malls, to parkades.

  • Installed in either existing or new joints
  • Available for interior and exterior use
  • Prevents water from leaking through the joint


Containment curbs are designed to either keep liquids in, or keep liquids out. They can also be designed to resist impact and protect sensitive equipment. Desco designs, supplies, and installs either concrete or wooden curbs based on the specific solution required. The curbs can also be designed to be a part of a chemical containment system.

  • Designed in house at Desco
  • Both concrete and wooden curbs available
  • Integrates with a seamless floor system