Concrete - Desco


Desco provides solutions for a variety of concrete related issues. From industrial site work to custom office work and even high end residential finishing, we’ve got you covered. Our experience in concrete repairs and restoration, coupled with our expertise in waterproofing and finishes mean we can provide the best solution for your job. Whether your parkade is no longer structurally sound or you’re looking for a LEED approved concrete polishing job, you don’t need to look any further than Desco.


Desco was one of the first companies to pioneer polished concrete in Western Canada. Using large grinders, we offer several different polishing options, ranging from a light “salt and pepper” grind to a “deep stone” grind. Polishing can be done on new or existing concrete floors and is currently being used in many LEED buildings as a sustainable floor finish. Desco does not use any coatings, which scratch very easily and have a short life span, to provide a high gloss finish; the shine that you see is the concrete. And unlike other floor finishes, you don’t need to regularly wax or strip the floor. Just gentle cleaning with a soft bristle brush and a pH neutral cleaner will ensure the longevity of the floor. The benefits of polished concrete include:

  • High gloss finish
  • Lower maintenance than resilient sheet flooring, vinyl composite tile, and many other finishes
  • LEED approved floor finish


Concrete, like all other materials, wears with age. The beauty of concrete is that new material can be added to restore both the function and form. Desco has a long history of concrete repair and restoration work and can help with any of the following:

  • Parkade and commercial structural repairs and restoration
  • Fixing cracks and joints in concrete
  • Epoxy injection systems to restore structurally-weakened concrete to its original integrity
  • Urethane injection systems to stop actively leaking water


Densifying is usually done in conjunction with concrete polishing, but it can also be used as a stand-alone solution. Densifying provides a concrete floor that is more resilient to heavy traffic and protects against wear, dusting, sweating, efflorescence, scaling, surface ASR, and damaging alkalis.

  • Chemically changes the concrete to create a protective surface
  • Conforms to LEED requirements
  • Good for use in a variety of locations or situations
  • Used in concrete polishing applications


The most important part of any installation is preparation. Even brand new floors have contaminants, such as oil and dirt, that should be removed prior to flooring installation. Proper cleaning and concrete surface profiling provide a better chemical and mechanical adhesion, ensuring that any installed floor will have a longer-lasting bond and a longer lifespan. Desco has some of the best equipment in the industry to prepare your floor for any kind of finished floor. Whether you need floor leveling, steel shot blasting, diamond grinding, scarifying, vapor blasting, or sandblasting, we have a solution for you.

  • Able to remove mastic, carpet glue, thin set, and more
  • Jobs completed with minimal dust
  • Good for both new and old floors