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Beaver Drilling

Contractors will try to take pictures of their projects immediately after the project is completed, before any hard wear and tear has occurred. We prefer to take our pictures after the project has been put into action. At Beaver Drilling, we installed the epoxy coatings on the floor back when the project was initially completed back in 2004. These pictures are from 2014; 10 years after hard use. The floor is still in great shape and is showing no signs of failure. Desco installed a 1/16” thick epoxy slurry broadcast system with a non-slip finish. The floor is cleaned daily with an auto scrubber (as well as right before we arrived) to prevent any dirt and grit from wearing down on the finish when forklifts and pallet jacks drive on the floor. Additionally, maintenance patching was done in areas that were chipped due to dropped oilfield valves (weighing hundreds of pounds) to prevent adjacent areas from delaminating.