If you’ve found us here, welcome to our new website. At Desco, we are constantly updating our equipment and processes, but somewhere along the way our website fell behind and needed to be refreshed. Well the time finally has come, and you’re witnessing the rebirth of the Desco online presence.

The redesign of our website gave us a chance to reaffirm our values. We are a family owned and operated business with a history of performance. Nestor Samycia, one of the founders, still comes in almost daily to view what is going on. Second generation employees Daryl, Chris, Michael, and Terri keep the projects and office running at a smooth hum while third generation employees Ryan and Daniel assist in various tasks. Together with the other members of our team, we form a Desco family; a team that takes pride in their work and strives to provide you with the best solution.

The website redesign also gave us a chance to look at what we do as a company. Different project managers focus on different types of solutions and they often don’t get to see the finished result of each others projects. Even the different crews may not see every job. Through the development of this website, everyone has been curious to see what photos would be used and which of their projects would be featured. Every other day I’ll see someone standing by my desk, watching the roll of photos go by on my screen saver and there seems to be a story for every picture; a satisfied client, a specific challenge that was overcome, a detail they enjoyed, or even where the best lunch was found.

So have a look around the site and see why we are so passionate about what we do. Check out some of our past projects in the ‘Portfolio’ section, a sampling of the different solutions we provide, or where Desco came from in the ‘About Us’ section.