Nobody wants a floor that is just ‘OK’. If you’re going to be spending any money at all on your floor, why waste it on something you won’t be happy with? We can provide you with the proper solution for your problem. Do you have an environment exposed to corrosive chemicals? How about a showroom for your new office? Or what if you just want something affordable that will last? No matter what your requirement is, we’ll take care of it. For instance, in the image below there are three different colour samples for a flake floor. The colours range from a fairly neutral beige that you’d see in a drug store or office hall; to a more vibrant glow in the dark sample that might work in a nightclub; to the reflective and refined look of mica chips that would add that extra touch to a showroom. These are not all the colour options by any stretch; we seemingly have all the colours of the rainbow.

Now imagine this colour range across many more products, each with different advantages and disadvantages for different situations. All this probably seems a bit overwhelming, but that’s why we’re here. We have the experience to help you out in finding a solution. So give us a call and we’ll help you out. Or come by the office and have a look at some of our samples and we can show you some different options and help you out in finding a solution.