In the concrete polishing industry, quantitative testing is replacing qualitative testing. By having consistent objective measurements, a client can be assured of consistent results. Since concrete polishing is a relatively new industry, there is a need for consistent education as to what makes a floor “good”. But even with education and training, looking at floor may be deceiving since appearances can be extremely qualitative and do not have measurable data to reinforce their findings. What “looks good” to someone may be a disaster when inspected with quantitative tools in a non-subjective manner. The quantitative data from measuring qualities such as gloss, reflectivity, and haze, can help to prevent floors from failing due to inadequate surface refinement, improper material application, or poor craftsmanship by identifying the issues in an objective manner sooner rather than later.

In the past, the industry has suffered from having inconsistent, qualitative analysis done on floors. By measuring industry standard quantitative data, Desco can provide exacting data to our clients about the quality of their floor, feedback to our employees for the quality of their craftsmanship, and maintain a quality control program. Measuring the floor in different areas can help to determine if inconsistent patterns in the finish are from the polishing contractor, flatwork contractor, ready-mix supplier, or someone else. The quality of the edge-work can be compared to the areas where the larger polishing equipment can process the concrete.

Desco is able to provide key measurements at different times in the polishing process for not only our projects but the work of our competitors as well. Desco has a wide variety of measurement tools that can be used for non-destructive testing on site. These measurement tools provide immediate data on if a floor is meeting the standard or specifications established by the client.

Rather than a contractor saying that their floor meets standard because it “looks good”, ask Desco to provide quantitative data on that floor for you. At Desco, we inspect our own floors as well as the concrete polishing completed by others in an objective and unbiased manner. The equipment is consistently calibrated and maintained for all of our inspections. By providing these inspections, Desco is able to strengthen the concrete polishing industry by separating the craftsmen from those who do not follow the client’s specifications.